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Nick Collins Has A Knee

Bummer for S Nick Collins who went down awkwardly on his knee in Kansas City. It's gotta be pretty stiff and swollen at this point and although some reports have listed him out as indefinitely or for several weeks, it does sound like he avoided any major injury:

Collins' leg was bent backward in rather awkward fashion, but further tests on Monday classified the injury as a knee sprain or bruise that will keep Collins out only temporarily.

"It looked a lot worse on film," Head Coach Mike McCarthy said. "The MRI was positive, because we all figured the worst the way he went down."

Collins is the team's best safety, but it isn't like him or S Atari Bigby is setting the world on fire. Collins looked ready to take a big step forward this season, his 3rd in the NFL, but instead he's taken a step back. So far his tackles, interceptions, and pass defenses are all on pace to be lower than in 2006.

Rookie S Aaron Rouse will take his place, and should replace his production. He hasn't had a lot of opportunities this season, but he's looked good so far. The real test will be over a full game and whether he can get beaten deep. Since the next game is against Minnesota, one of the worst passing teams in the NFL, he won't be tested in that area. Collins has been a pretty good tackler, and Rouse will have to show that he is able to wrap guys up because it is a given that RB Adrian Peterson will break through the defensive line and linebackers at some point during the game.