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Going To Hawaii

Congratulations to WR Donald Driver, DE Aaron Kampman, CB Al Harris, and QB Brett Favre for making the Pro Bowl. Favre's skipped the last three or four times he's been selected, so it will be interesting to see if he makes the trip. I'm not a big fan of the Pro Bowl because I'm not a fan of the game itself, and it can potentially drive the $$$ price up on a player who isn't really that good (not that I'm thinking of TE Bubba Franks or anything). But the recognition obviously means a lot to them:

"We all sit around here now and go, we only have four?" said receiver Donald Driver, who was one of the four Packers -- along with Al Harris, Brett Favre and Aaron Kampman -- named to the team. "We should have had eight or nine."
Harris has played his heart out this season, but he has struggled at times and is down from his outstanding 2005 season. He deserved a Pro Bowl selection either of the last two seasons, but CB Charles Woodson deserved it more this season.

I am somewhat surprised that there wasn't room for QB Drew Brees or WR Marques Colston, although Colston's selection might have come at Driver's expense. Brees is playing better that QB Matt Hasselbeck, but he's not playing that much better. I agree that there should have been room for some players from Jacksonville.