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The NFL Will Die Off

What a crock! I've complained about the NFL Network before and my opinion isn't any better now. The Big Ten network falls into that same category as the NFL Network. A bunch of rich teams and colleges fighting over big money with a bunch of rich cable companies, and the fans are the ones who lose. Now the Wisconsin Legislature is getting involved, which seems like a waste of time, but it's their time to waste. At least it means fans can watch all the games.

What really got my attention was the comments by Packers VP and counsel Jason Wied:

Getting a deal is vital for the future of the NFL, Wied said. The Packers, located in the least populous city of any NFL team, is dedicated to attracting new fans through broad access to its games on TV, he said.

"Sports die off when they are not broadly accessible to the fans," Wied said. "This is the start of that problem."

I'm sure he's just saying this because his boss told him to do it, but if he really believed that Green Bay could lose the Packers because we can't watch one game a year on TV, then he's a complete idiot. What a bunch of jerks.