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It's Not The Weather

The offensive struggles, and why the weather didn't effect Chicago as much as it effected the Packers, can be explained, but there was no excuse for the punt team:

Ryan had a wretched day in the extreme combination of wind and cold on Sunday. But he shouldn't take all the blame, as the winds sent the ball sailing on snaps and the Packers' punt protection team didn't do Ryan any favors with their poor blocking.

"The mistakes that we made, just on the right side, the elementary technique, my goodness," Packers coach Mike McCarthy said with a twinge of disgust.

The weather did contribute somewhat to the problems on special teams. For example veteran long snapper Rob Davis hasn't had a bad snap in many seasons, but at least one of his snaps was a couple of yards off target. Still it was a breakdown in fundamentals by the special teams and most of those problems should be addressed and fixed.