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Preview: Detroit at Green Bay

Teams FO Ranking NFL Ranking
Packers Rushing Offense 11 26
Detroit Rushing Defense 24 19
Detroit Rushing Offense 19 30
Packers Rushing Defense 8 16
Packers Passing Offense 5 2
Detroit Passing Defense 29 31
Detroit Passing Offense 18 8
Packers Passing Defense 18 12
Packers Special Teams 11
Detroit Special Teams 29

On paper this is a game the Packers should win, but Detroit is probably treating this like their playoff game while the Packers probably want to work on a couple things, give the players some playing time before the week layoff, and not get anybody hurt. Plus Detroit can finish at .500 for the first time in several seasons so they should have some extra motivation. Their offense might struggle with the loss of WR Roy Williams for the season and now they've lost their best running back in RB Kevin Jones too. However the loss of Jones shouldn't make too much difference in this game because backup RB T.J. Duckett had a pretty good game against the Packers on Thanksgiving anyway. The weather will probably be around 32 degrees and there could be some snow, but the Packers should focus on avoiding turnovers and playing field position to sneak out a win in a low scoring game.