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Meet The Packers New Owner

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Obviously the Packers don't have an actual single owner, the shareholders technically own the team, but the shareholders, even collectively, have very little say in how the team is run. The Executive Committee runs the team, but Chairman of the Board (apparently no chance it would be a chairwoman) Bob Harlan is the person who represents the team with the NFL, leads the push for a sales tax to upgrade the stadium, and decides if the team needs a new general manager.

The Packers hired John Jones a few years ago with the intention that he would be the heir apparent to Bob Harlan, but that blew up in their face earlier this year. Harlan has postponed his retirement to continue to front the team, but on Monday the Board of Directors will vote on the man selected the 2nd time around to replace Harlan, current Northwestern athletic director Mark Murphy. It appears that the vote will be a three ring circus.

I have no idea whether Murphy would be a good hire or whether the search committee should have found someone internally or currently working in the NFL. With the Packers on sound footing financially, in the front office, and on the field, the new chairman won't make much of an impact on the team immediately. Still the chairman is someone who is important to the team, and hopefully the best candidate has been chosen for the job.