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Meet Matt Murphy...AHH PATS WIN!!!

The Packers executive board by a unanimous vote approved current Northwestern Athletic Director Matt Murphy to be the next President and CEO of the Packers. There were rumors of potential fireworks at the meeting, but instead Murphy said all the right things and it was as boring as a board meeting can be.

Although the hiring of Murphy is pretty dull, the last two minutes of the MNF game New England at Baltimore was damn exciting. I don't care whether New England goes undefeated, but there were some lessons to be learned in this game.

New England was down 20 to 24 with under 2 minutes to go and had 4th and 1 at Baltimore's 20 yard line. Baltimore stuffs the sneak by QB Tom Brady, but Baltimore's coaches call a timeout! On the 2nd try, New England hands the ball off to FB Heath Evans and Baltimore stuffs him, but a false start penalty kills the play! On the 3rd try, Brady scrambles for the 1st down. Five plays later Brady throws the game winning TD pass to WR Jabar Gaffney. The first lesson learned is if you keep giving a team another chance then eventually they will beat you.

With 44 seconds left in the game, Baltimore got the ball back to attempt a game tying drive. Unfortunately they only had one timeout remaining. Shockingly the Hail Mary pass actually worked, but they only got down to the New England 2 yard line before time expired. The second lesson learned is that under a minute of time remaining just isn't enough time under any circumstances, unless you are really lucky.