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What Might Have Been

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The Packers showed some interest in S Deon Grant which is good because he could provide an upgrade over S Marquand Manuel. Jacksonville only offered Grant a low ball offer but their fans weren't bummed that he was leaving. Still he sounded like an average safety that would still be an improvement over Manuel. Then Seattle gets silly and makes Grant the third highest paid safety in the NFL. Seattle's fans don't seem too excited about the signing, but feel that their team's window of opportunity is closing and they need to make some moves. I'm glad the Packers passed on the opportunity to overpay for him.

Down at the bottom of Tom Silverstein's article, he mentions that Oakland signed FB Justin Griffith. Joe Arrigo thought Griffith was sure to become a Packer, but it didn't work out that way. Silverstein goes on to report the Packers have interest in CB Tory James and LB Donnie Edwards.

What all these players (Grant, Griffith, James, and Edwards) have in common that there previous teams made little to no effort to resign them. If the teams that knew them best don't want them, then why should the Packers try to sign them either? Griffith would have been a good signing since he is young, good, and cheap, but the Packers should pass on the rest of these guys.