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LB Donnie Edwards Signs with Kansas City

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It was reported last week that the Packers had LB Donnie Edwards on their radar. Instead he fell off the radar and into Kansas City. From ProFootballTalk:

"The Chiefs signed linebacker Donnie Edwards.  Per Adam Schefter of NFL Network, Edwards will receive $14 million over three years, with $7.5 million guaranteed.  The deal brings Edwards back to K.C. after five seasons in San Diego."
It was an odd move when Kansas City released Edwards after the 2001 season. Now after he has played out the prime of his career with a division rival, they decide to bring him back at age 33? Paying $5 million/year with half of it guaranteed is a high price for a linebacker, especially when Edwards will be ages 34 to 36 during the length of the contract. Edwards can only hold onto his speed and health for so long.

Arrowhead Pride likes the signing. Edwards has been productive and healthy for every year of his career. But with LB Brady Poppinga improving and LB Abdul Hodge providing depth, it didn't seem like Edwards filled a need. One rumor (I can't remember where I read it) suggested Edwards was insurance of LB Nick Barnett holding out, but Barnett says he won't hold out and it would be better to sign Barnett to an extension than bring a 33 year old veteran in to replace him.