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ESPN Subscribes to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

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According to ESPN they've read the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel and the Packers might trade for WR Randy Moss. This story has been around for at least the last couple of weeks. Hopefully this isn't the first time ESPN has reported it, but I'm not crawling through their archives to verify it. The entire article is nothing but a series of quotes previously reported in the Journal-Sentinel. They are as investigative as your typical no-budget Acme Packing Company blog.

Well there is one bit of news in the report:

"The Green Bay Packers' leadership is expected to discuss a potential trade for wide receiver Randy Moss when it meets on Tuesday."
Since Moss brings a lot of PR baggage with him GM Ted Thompson might want to consult the entire Packers front office. However ESPN didn't finish reading the Journal-Sentinel and failed to tell its readers what Bob McGinn reported as the likely end result:
"It's possible that the two sides might not agree on compensation until summer, if at all, with Davis holding out for at least a second-round pick to save face and Thompson hoping he'll just waive Moss and gain a reported $8 million in cap space. "But Al is stubborn," one source said. "He might hang on to the guy and tell the new coach (Lane Kiffin) just to go (expletive) coach him." In the end, Thompson might part with a middle-round choice for the 30-year-old Moss, a devastating deep threat for seven seasons in Minnesota but a dud in Oakland for the last two."
This trade is just as likely to end up on the scrap heap of NFL trades that never happened as it will lead to Moss becoming a Packer.