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Packers Continue to Throw Big Money at Free Agents

The Packers announced the signing of free agent CB Frank Walker. The Packers might pay him as much as $1.5 million in 2007. It's a low risk signing that might provide some return and it's possible that Walker was just a victim of Tom Coughlin's large dog house. This is a bad signing if Walker was promised the 3rd cornerback job, but it looks like he is just going to push CB Patrick Dendy. However, this sentence by AP is just wrong:

"Green Bay's Al Harris and Charles Woodson are one of the NFL's best starting cornerback tandems, but the Packers struggled to find a consistent third cornerback last season."
It was inconsistent because CB Ahmad Carroll stank during the 1st half of the 2006 season. Then Dendy was given the opportunity and put up numbers, 37 tackles, 3 INT (1 TD), and 7 Pass Defenses, that are almost better than Walker's career stats. And Dendy did all that in just a half season of playing time. Once Dendy was given the job, he was very good. There is no struggle to find a 3rd cornerback and Dendy is more promising than almost all of the cornerbacks available this offseason in free agency.