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One Year Later

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This time last year, GM Ted Thompson was looking like a nightmare. After free agent departures and injuries destroyed the 2005 season, Thompson seemed to be making changes just for the sake of making changes. He was hiring the wrong coaches and signing all the washed up free agents. But many of the moves he made turned out pretty well.

One move that did not work out well was resigning T Kevin Barry. Last season I wrote:

"[Barry] doesn't have the ability to play in a zone blocking scheme (he isn't quick enough or have good enough footwork) and you will be releasing him this time next year after you've realized it."
Now it appears that "Barry might be the odd man out" which is not a surprise. It isn't a big deal even if the Packers are forced to release him and maybe the Packers can actually snag a low draft choice in return for him, but he doesn't have a place on the team anymore.