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Deal or No Deal

The Green Bay Press Gazette reports that an NFL source insists there is a deal for WR Randy Moss while GM Ted Thompson insists there isn't a deal. One team can't talk about their interest in acquiring another team's player, so when "Thompson has not answered questions about the Packers' interest in Moss" that means Thompson is discussing Moss with Oakland. But the rumor's source said that the trade won't happen until after the draft, so we are stuck with many more weeks of speculation.

The interesting addition was at the bottom of the article:

"The supposed trade, according to the Boston Herald's source, would send Rodgers and a seventh-round draft pick in 2008 to Oakland for Moss, tight end Courtney Anderson and a conditional 2009 draft pick that would depend on Rodgers' performance for the Raiders in 2007 and 2008."
The Packers need to upgrade at wide receiver, or at least draft or sign someone to legitimately push WRs Greg Jennings and Robert Ferguson. But it is just as important that they upgrade at tight end, especially after the loss of TE David Martin. TE Courtney Anderson is a big and average NFL tight end, which is better than anybody currently on the roster. It is impressive that Anderson managed to be average despite playing on the worst offense in the NFL. He also outplayed big money free agent TE Daniel Graham last season, but Graham outplayed Anderson in 2004 and 2005.  

The Packers can trade for Moss, but they can't trade too much for him. QB Aaron Rodgers might have a nice QB Matt Hasselbeck-type career, although I'm leaning toward believing Rodgers career will be a bust. Acquiring Moss and Anderson would be a huge addition for 2007, but the trade might hurt as soon as QB Brett Favre retires. The Packers haven't gone wild in free agency and burned through all their room under the salary cap just to improve the team for 2007. Neither should they make a trade that helps now, but could really hurt tomorrow. Thompson has watched Rodgers for two seasons and he should know whether he is a bust or not. If he does trade Rodgers for Moss and Anderson, then we'll know what he thinks. Hopefully Thompson's evaluation is correct.