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Thank you for visiting the Acme Packing Company! My name is Brandon and I've been writing about the Packers since May 2003 at the Green Bay Packers Blog. I'm the only writer on the front page so please feel free to place all praise and scorn on my doorstep.

When I was invited back in January to start writing a Packers blog at SportsBlogs Nation, I jumped at the chance. I've been reading various sites here, most frequently the excellent Brew Crew Ball, since the site began back in 2005. When I wanted to find something out about a particular team, this was the place I always went first. I moved to this site because I want more discussion about the Packers than I had on my old blog. I didn't have enough people posting comments or sending e-mails. Having a site that encourages visitors to write diaries was something that excited me. I would like to encourage everyone who visits this site to participate in it.

If you are unfamiliar with the history of the Acme Packing Company the best place to read about it at the Packers official site. I'm really proud of the team's long history and I wanted the blog's name to highlight it.