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Bad Signings

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Bob McGinn lists the bottom 10 free agent signings in Packer history. Really what impressed me was that there weren't that many stinkers on it. DE Joe Johnson was a legitimate big time bust. G Raleigh McKenzie was expected to help after losing G Adam Timmerman in free agency, but he didn't seem like a good signing at the time. The rest of these guys weren't necessarily handed a starting role. Can you really be a bust if you weren't assured of a starting job?

The only problem with the list is RB Reggie Cobb way at the bottom. He should be 2nd behind Johnson because he was handed the starting running back job and came in with high expectations. He had a solid career in Tampa but was just coming off a down 1993 season. The Packers were expecting a work horse back to team with their young gunslinger QB, but instead Cobb was a bust from day 1.