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It was announced that the Packers are going to play Detroit on Thanksgiving Day. At first I was bummed because the Packers usually don't play well on Thanksgiving, but I was really surprised how few times the Packers have played on Thanksgiving Day. It seemed like they played every other Thanksgiving during the 1980s, but this will only be the 7th Thanksgiving Day game since 1963. Actually it isn't that the Packers don't play well on Thanksgiving, it's that they don't play well at Detroit and Dallas.

Useless stats:  The Packers have played their last thirty-two Thanksgiving Day games on the road and haven't hosted a Thanksgiving Day game since 1923 against the Hammond Pros. As bad as a season can go sometimes, the Hammond Pros only won 5 games in 7 seasons and only scored 3 points total in their final NFL season.