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Ahman Green Watch

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The more I read about RB Ahman Green exploring his options in free agency, the more I hope he ends up resigning with the Packers.

Tom Silverstein lists the teams interested in signing Green. He visited Denver, but they have no cap room to sign him. The next two teams are Houston and Oakland, with bad quarterbacks and offensive lines. It would be like RB Edgerrin James' 2006 season redux. If he doesn't resign with the Packers, then hopefully he signs somewhere with at least an average offense.

Unfortunately Green isn't likely to have many miles left on him. Compare him to former Packer RB Dorcey Levens. Levens carried the ball 400 times (playoffs and Super Bowl included) during the 1997 season at age 27, struggled with injuries in 1998, came back strong in 1999 at age 29, but was never the same again.  He lost his starting job in 2000 when he was injured and his backup, Green, stepped in.  At age 30, Green's last four seasons resemble Levens' 1997-1999 seasons, except Green snuck in one additional quality season in 2004 after his 400+ carry 2003 season and before his injury riddled 2005 season.  Based on Levens' career path, the Packers should pass on resigning Green.

I'm on the fence. It could be a good decision to let him walk, but it wouldn't cost too much to see if he has a couple more quality seasons left in him.