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Joe Horn Watch

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The Packers need depth at wide receiver badly. The injury and then trade of WR Javon Walker, the lack of development and injuries to WR Robert Ferguson, and the career ending injury to 2005 2nd round pick WR Terrence Murphy have left the position thin. It has been a major reason for QB Brett Favre's decline over the last two seasons. Rookie wide receivers rarely play well so the Packers need free agency to provide the depth for 2007.  

The WR Randy Moss rumors are flying, and now Tom Silverstein reported that the Packers have mild interest in WR Joe Horn.  Call it a mild case of Joe Horn. Horn was last great in 2004 and has had trouble staying healthy the since. Plus there are eight teams who have expressed an interest in Horn. I would speculate that their interest ranges from mild to inflamed. If the Packers are only mildly interested in Horn, then they will not sign him because some inflamed team will sign him first.  Football Outsiders says that Horn was one of the best WRs in the NFL last season, when he was healthy. Based on that and his outstanding resume from 2000 to 2004, some team is going to offer him a big contract.

Unfortunately for his next employer, Football Outsiders says Horn wasn't very good in 2005 when he didn't have QB Drew Brees throwing passes to him. Looking back on the FO list of 2006 WRs, Horn is listed in the top 20, but he is actually the 3rd best WR from New Orleans. Which is probably why New Orleans felt comfortable releasing him.