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Tackling Machine

The Packers resigned DT Colin Cole. The article says Cole had 53 tackles, which I couldn't believe, but his stat line says otherwise. This isn't the biggest area of need, but the Packers really need to find someone better than Cole to back up NT Ryan Pickett. Although Pickett is no run stopping all-star, the run defense was a lot weaker when Cole substituted in for Pickett. DT Kenderick Allen was signed last season to be that backup, but he only made it into 2 games last season and now is a free agent. DT Johnny Jolly is the only player capable of playing nose tackle currently on the roster, but he barely played at all last season and is probably in for a big battle to even make the team in 2007. It would be surprising to see GM Ted Thompson draft a nose tackle in the first three rounds, he apparently is a believer in Cole, so the best bet is getting lucky with a tackle drafted in the late rounds.