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Get Your Rumors! had another rumor article earlier this week. They discussed flipping the 16th pick to San Diego for the 30th pick and RB Michael Turner, then using the 30th pick to select WR Dwayne Jarrett. I have no better sources (actually I have no sources) than Joe Arrigo, but I just don't see San Diego accepting a flip of picks in the first round for Turner. San Diego's GM A.J. Smith would want more than just that. Hopefully the Packers don't have an interest in drafting Jarrett anywhere in the 1st round because his 40 time of 4.67 and 4.62 according to is just too slow for a 1st round WR.

Arrigo also mentions the Packers interest in RB Dwayne Wright. Hopefully this is another rumor that proves false because Wright seems to be a slightly heavier version of RB Vernand Morency. They are the same height, Wright's 10 lbs. heavier, they are both older for a rookie (Morency played some minor league baseball), and they had nearly identical 40 times coming out of college (Wright's is 4.62 and Morency's was 4.67). Again I'm not dazzled with a back only running in the 4.6s.