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Running Backs Everywhere

I've been promoting/dismissing RBs and WRs based on their 40 times lately, so I thought I had better find out what RB Michael Turner's 40 time, two very good times of 4.46 and 4.52 according to Gil Brandt. Back in 2004 when Turner was drafted, almost everyone agreed that RB Steven Jackson was the best running back available. Jackson has turned out to be a very good running back and rather quietly "gained the fifth most yards from scrimmage in history during a single season" in 2006. But one thing everyone knew about Jackson coming out of college is that he was a good receiver too, catching 44 passes in 2003 at Oregon State. If there is one back in this year's draft that is the next Steven Jackson, it is Louisville's Michael Bush who has similar size and speed but without the pass catching resume. Jackson and Bush both came into the NFL recovering from injuries too.

One thing I had forgotten about Michael Turner that soured me on him this week is that he is a big zero in the pass game. It wasn't like San Diego couldn't throw the ball either. It would be hard to even give up a 2nd round pick for someone who is only a two down back at best.