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SBN Mock Draft

The SB Nation group of NFL sites have set up a Google email list and we're hosting a mock draft. Field Gulls is hosting the mock draft on their website because its a great site and there isn't anything else to do until the 2nd round since Seattle traded away its 1st round pick for WR Deion Branch.

We're going to do this over a couple weeks and draft the first three rounds. So far there is talk from Detroit and Washington about trading down, but no action yet.

GM Ted Thompson has shown little interest in trading up in the draft and I haven't seen Seattle or Green Bay trade up in the 1st round during any point when Thompson is working in their front office. Also, I can't think of a time when he traded down in the 1st round either. My plan is to stand pat, see who is left after the first 15 picks, and select a player that has been rumored by at least one web site as someone the Packers are interested in. Please use the comments for this post to offer your choice for the 16th selection overall. Thanks.