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Mock Draft Day 2

The top 4 picks are done; Russell, Johnson by Tampa from Detroit, Thomas, and Adams by Detroit from Tampa.

Detroit only picks up a late 2nd round pick (64th overall from Indianapolis originally in exchange for NT Booger McFarland) to fall down two spots, which is too little if you follow draft value chart. However Tampa probably has an advantage over Detroit in this situation because Detroit doesn't want to draft Johnson, making him their 4th top 10 WR in last five drafts, but doesn't want to fall down too far.

Russell is expected, Johnson is a franchise WR and their selections make sense for both teams. Thomas doesn't make sense for Cleveland, but I could see Cleveland drafting him anyway. Cleveland has thrown so much free agent money at their offensive line that adding a top 3 pick to it seems like they are determined to build a quality offensive line to the detriment of the rest of their team. Plus the franchise could really use a star for public relations and RB Adrian Peterson would fill that need. Sure they signed RB Jamal Lewis, but it isn't like he is good. Detroit could have traded down again because they have so many needs that they need as many draft choices as they can get, but Adams is a star speed pass rusher and Detroit needs quality players just as much as they need quantity.