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Meet Jarvis Moss

PackerChatters had an interesting post regarding a radio interview discussing Florida DE Jarvis Moss. The word "project" is used to describe him, he would probably have upside if he played basketball, and he won't step in and play like LB A.J. Hawk did in 2006.

Who will the Packers select at pick number 16? They need a receiver or tight end, but after Georgia Tech's WR Calvin Johnson, the next receivers and TEs are late first round material with at least some question marks. RB Marshawn Lynch is a late 1st round talent too, and he might not be needed in 2007 if RB Ahman Green resigns. I don't like drafting a CB or S in the first round after all the 1st round CB busts the Packers have drafted over the last 15 years. They won't draft an offensive lineman, linebacker, or quarterback after drafting high at those positions over the last two drafts. The only position left is the defensive line.

It would be good to draft a defensive lineman because there is no obvious need for a starter, generally rookies shouldn't be given a starting job, and with all the player rotation on the defensive line he is certain to receive a lot of playing time anyway. The Packers haven't used a pick higher than the 3rd round on defensive lineman since 2000, so the position has been ignored in recent drafts. It would allow the Packers to use less of or even release marginal players such as DT Colin Cole and DE Mike Montgomery. Having a player like Jarvis Moss to push DE KGB would not be a bad idea either. I don't ever remember an NFL team being overloaded with quality pass rushing defensive ends. If there isn't an obvious player available, like Hawk was in 2006, then drafting the player with the most upside (sorry, basketball term) might be the best idea. It would be good too if they draft a defensive tackle and let Cullen Jenkins play more at defensive end.