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Bye Ahman

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With RB Ahman Green's reluctance to leave Green Bay and GM Ted Thompson's desire to resign him, it seemed likely the Packers would keep him unless some team overspent. Then Houston opened their wallet wide:

The Houston Chronicle reported that $6.5 million of the contract was guaranteed, which means Green will receive more upfront money than he did in 2001, when he received a $5 million signing bonus on a five-year, $19 million deal with the Packers. The $8 million payout in '07 is thought to be about $3 million more than what Green Bay was willing to pay.

Green was looking for $5 million per season and Thompson was willing to meet it. However, Houston overbid Green's asking price. How can you feel good about a purchase when you agree to pay more than the asking price?

Green has been a great Packer and his past performance will be missed, but with an emphasis on past. The most likely scenario is that Green will break down next season at age 30. Hopefully he will have at least one more good season, like RB Curtis Martin did in 2004 at age 31 before Martin finally broke down. Unfortunately Houston's offense is a mess and Green is unlikely to end his career on a high note with them.