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The Bleeding Continues...

With the loss of RB Ahman Green, I was all set to move on and discuss the reasons why the Packers need to resign TE David Martin. But now it doesn't matter because Martin is a Dolphin. Terms weren't released, but I'm sure it is too much money. The Packers offense was at their best in 2006 when Martin was healthy, but he was always hurt. He ends his Packer career with 87 receptions, 766 yards, and 9 TDs in SIX seasons. As good as he can be, he can't be counted on due to injuries.

At the same time, Miami released TE Randy McMichael. McMichael has had a lot of trouble off the field, but he only was due a $3 million roster bonus. Plus Football Outsiders says that McMichael is a superior player to Martin. Why did Miami think this was a good move? Martin had to cost at least a couple million to sign this early in free agency. I had considered a writing a post discussing whether the Packers should trade for McMichael, but now he is probably going to get a big free agent contract plus his agent is Drew Rosenhaus. Rosenhaus was CB Mike McKenzie agent when he helped McKenzie stab the Packers in the back and he won't be doing anything at a reasonable price. With McMichael's off-field baggage and high dollar price, the Packers should pass on him. He was more attractive as a potential trade target.

The Packers need to bring in a veteran, but the remaining free agent TEs all have some question marks. TE Daniel Graham is the top free agent TE this year, but he isn't a great receiver and is more known for his blocking. The Packers already have TE Bubba Franks to fill the blocking TE roll. TE Eric Johnson has had some solid seasons, but has had problems staying healthy too. Plus he wasn't that good last season. TE Jerramy Stevens had a bad Super Bowl, got hurt, and then played poorly for the rest of 2006. Still he might be the most likely target because GM Ted Thompson is familiar with him. It will be very important to see what Thompson does to improve this position.