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Kicking TE David Martin to the Curb

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At the bottom of Tom Silverstein's article, he tells us that TE David Martin only received a $1.2 million signing bonus from Miami. The Packers have $20+ million in salary cap room to work with and could have easily resigned Martin at that price. Silverstein reported back on March 1st that the Packers "hadn't come close to meeting his financial demands." He only wanted $1.2 million guaranteed! GM Ted Thompson must have been offering a minimum wage deal if he wasn't close to $1.2 million. Either Thompson had decided to give up on Martin because he can't be counted on due to his frequent injuries, or Martin was talking bigger dollars only to the Packers because he wanted out of Green Bay. If Thompson decided it was time to kick Martin to the curb due to his unreliability, fine. If Martin just wanted out of Green Bay, then good riddance.

To everyone who has complained about trading for WR Randy Moss, although ProFootballTalk still hears that the Packers are discussing a trade maybe involving a 2nd round pick or QB Aaron Rodgers, keep complaining if TE Randy McMichael comes in for a visit. McMichael isn't a good guy to have around the locker room either.