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If They're Free Then Why Do They Cost So Much?

Who is visiting the Packers? I discussed FB Justin Griffith yesterday. He would upgrade the position, plus he shouldn't break the bank.

Thank you Atlanta! They signed 35 year old WR Joe Horn, so there is no danger that the Packers might have overpaid for him. No terms yet because it isn't official, but it is sure to be too much money.

The Packers might actually have interest in S Deon Grant? It seemed like a long-shot that GM Ted Thompson would admit a mistake and give up on S Marquand Manuel after only one season. Manuel played well in run support and had 81 tackles, but his 3 pass defenses is feeble. He was constantly getting torched during the season. He only has 8 pass defenses in his career, or has many as S Deon Grant had in 2006 alone. Although Grant has played as a free safety and is more similar to S Nick Collins than the run stopping Manuel, defensive coordinator Bob Sanders' defense has both safeties play essentially the same roll. Neither one is specifically the strong or the free safety. Jacksonville has plenty of cap room, but they tried to low ball Grant with a $2.35 million, one year contract. It seems that Jacksonville likes their young safety Gerald Sensabaugh and doesn't think Grant is much of a play maker. Grant is probably looking for a contract similar to S Chris Hope who signed in Tennessee last season for 6 years and $32 million. I couldn't find out how much was guaranteed, but it was probably around $4-6 million. That is a lot for an average safety, but Grant would be an immediate upgrade to a weak defensive position. The Packers might have to wait until Grant is certain Jacksonville won't offer a decent contract and his contract demands become reasonable. Hopefully other teams show weak interest in Grant and the Packers can sign him.