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Ted Thompson Never Trades Up

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So far GM Ted Thompson has run two drafts for the Packers, made a bunch of draft day trades, and has never traded up (as far as I can tell). I relied on the Draft Tracker to look back on what Thompson has done the past two seasons, so if I reference a trade incorrectly then blame them!

Thompson has only traded down in the draft as the Packers GM, and was never involved in a trade up while in Seattle's front office either. In the SB Nation Mock Draft, I'm going to stay true to Thompson's methods and only trade down. However, after looking at the results of Thompson's 2005 and 2006 draft day trades, maybe he should consider changing his methods.

The big trade last season was Javon Walker & Quinn Qjinnaka for Daryn Colledge, Will Blackmon, Ingle Martin, Johnny Jolly & Tyrone Culver.

What do you mean you don't know Quinn Qjinnaka? Obviously that trade didn't happen as I wrote it. Walker was traded for a 2nd round pick. That pick went to Atlanta along with the Packers 5th round pick for a 2nd, 3rd, and 5th round pick. That 3rd round pick was then traded for a 4th and 6th round pick. Walker is a star WR, Qjinnaka is deep on Atlanta's bench, Colledge started 16 games as a rookie and the rest of those guys will have to really step up to become starters. Right now Walker for Colledge looks like a loss for the Packers, but a win if you consider that Walker swore he would never again play for the Packers.

The slightly smaller trade was Chad Jackson for Greg Jennings and Jason Spitz. New England sent a 3rd round pick to move up in the 2nd round and select Jackson. Jennings and Spitz both started most of the season and go into 2007 penciled in as starters, while Jackson's ACL is in rehab. So far this was a sweet win for the Packers.

As much as Thompson shined in 2006, he sucked a giant egg in 2005. Free agency was a disaster and the draft wasn't much better. Nick Collins and Brady Poppinga were both drafted in 2005 and each started 16 games, but both players need to continue to improve to keep their starting spots beyond (and throughout) 2007. Thompson traded a 3rd round pick for two 4th round picks, then trading the lower 4th round pick for a 5th, 6th, and 7th round pick. Those last three picks have all been released, while the higher 4th round pick became Marviel Underwood, who sat all 2006 with a knee injury. Plus that lower 4th round pick was traded to Philadelphia and they selected a good young offensive lineman.