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Putting the Foot back in Football

Just as former 1st round pick K Sebastian Janikowski carried Oakland to the Super Bowl in 2002, K Mason Crosby would carry the Packers if GM Ted Thompson has the foresight to draft Crosby in the 2nd, or maybe even the 1st round. Just ignore his weak 5.25 40-time compared to the other top kickers in the draft, because he's got intangibles and is the best kicker prospect since Mike Nugent! I'm sure there isn't a NY Jets fan alive that would let Nugent ever leave that team.

I kid because it is April 1st, but the Packers really suck on special teams. K Dave Rayner was in the bottom ten in field goal %, hey look, its Janikowski at the bottom, and despite his reputation as a good kickoff guy, he had few touchbacks that I can remember. K Ryan Longwell seemed to recover the ability to be automatic within 40 yards last season in Minnesota, but he didn't kickoff well either and had some dome help,  so no regrets from his departure. P Jon Ryan had some moments but was inconsistent. His biggest problem was that he had way too many touchbacks, 3rd worst in the NFL. Overall his net was just below average.

Both Rayner and Ryan need to be pushed in training camp by some legitimate competition, and P David Lonie doesn't count. Well maybe he does. Anyway the Packers should take a look at good college guys available as undrafted free agents, and maybe at the remaining free agent kickers after the draft too. After watching former 3rd round kickers Brent Conway, Josh Bidwell and B.J. Sander flame out with the Packers, I don't want to see them address the kicker position ever again with a draft choice higher than a 6th or 7th round pick.