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Tom Silverstein Stole My Idea!

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Seriously, I was planning to write an article about how the Packers hadn't made any progress signing LB Nick Barnett to a contract extension, then Tom Silverstein wrote a good article about the situation.

The only thing lacking from the article is that it doesn't mention the main reason why they haven't come to an agreement yet; LB Lance Briggs hasn't signed a new contract yet with Chicago or another team. Silverstein compares Barnett to LB Adalius Thomas, but Thomas has sack numbers the last three seasons that dwarf Barnett's career sack numbers, and LB Napoleon Harris, but Barnett is clearly superior to him. Briggs' career stats are the closest comp to Barnett, although Briggs is slightly better in every category and been to two Pro Bowls to Barnett's none. Once Briggs signs, Barnett will sign a contract that will slot right in behind him.

Obviously I'm sold on signing Barnett to long-term deal. What else are the Packers going to do with all their cap room this season? Barnett is very young, 25, and still hasn't entered the prime of his career. Every NFL team has a spot for Barnett, a true every down linebacker. Others are still willing to discuss the merits of resigning him.