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Lynch's Draft Stock Is Falling, His Draft Stock Is Falling!

Doesn't this seem to happen with every projected 1st round pick from California? The Packers still snagged the guy from California anyway, although Paul Battinger deserves some props for mentioning that Rodgers might fall to them, while still projecting him to be drafted 3rd overall by Cleveland.

Now John Murphy is saying that Lynch might fall:

"Scouts have probably wavered more on Lynch's grade more than any other prospect; he ranges from surefire top-20 to second-rounder. Lynch's evaluation has been affected by accusations of a sexual assault (charges have not been filed); his late-season ankle and back injuries; fumbling problem; and speculation that he got a less than glowing review from the Cal coaching staff."
I'm sticking with Lynch as the most likely selection at 16, but it's no slam dunk.