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NFL Schedule

White 92 beat me to it and posted a diary along with a poll about the 2007 NFL Schedule. How do you think the Packers will do in 2007? Go vote in the diary section.

First it should be noted that the Packers' record last season was better than their performance. At 8-8 they should have had approximately scored as many points as they allowed, but instead they were outscored 366 to 301, which is similar to Washington's 5-11 season. Part of the reason was a kind schedule with seven games against the bottom eleven (record wise) teams in the league and they went 7-0 against them. Although they might only finish 8-8 again (not a projection, just a hypothetical) they still might be an improved team next season. With the exception of QB Brett Favre's final seasons, this team is built for the future.

There are a lot of reasons to expect improvement in 2007. The offensive rookies will play better with a season of experience, the defense finished strong and great overall, and hopefully the S Marquand Manuel era is over. But the team didn't make any improvement in free agency, no harm either, and the 2007 draft is unlikely to provide an immediate impact player like the 2006 one did with LB A.J. Hawk. At best the rookies in 2007 will help later in the season.

Wow. Those 1st three games are brutal against three playoff teams from 2006, although it is a major help that San Diego and Philadelphia are at home. It is about damn time the Packers got to play Philadelphia in Green Bay after playing the last four (including playoffs) games against them in Philly. Although the NY Giants did technically make the playoffs, they limped into the playoffs and don't look so great coming into 2007 with all the problems surrounding them and the loss of RB Tiki Barber. Still the Packers home field advantage as been M.I.A. since the 2002 home playoff loss to Atlanta. This could be an 0-3 start.

Then an always tough road game at Minnesota, although they won there in 2006. An always tough home game against Chicago who seem to play the Packers better at Lambeau than in Chicago. Finally a likely home win against Washington, but then two brutal road games at Denver and Kansas City.

The last eight games are much better with only 2006 playoff teams Chicago and Dallas on the schedule. Still in the NFL you never know when a relatively harmless game in April becomes a brutal game in November due to a New Orleans-like resurgence, except there is no hope of that happening to either Oakland or Detroit.

It's crap to see the game at Dallas is on the crap NFL Network which is fighting with Charter and screwing so many Wisconsin fans.

In some ways this is the best possible schedule. A brutal early schedule won't give fans of a bad team any false hope and if the Packers do start the season 3-0 or 4-0, then we know they are onto something.