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Drew Bledsoe for the HOF

Just kidding.

But the outstanding Wages of Wins blog has an article discussing whether the recently retired QB Drew Bledsoe had a Hall of Fame career. Bledsoe finished his career in the top 10 for completions and passing yards, while in at 13th overall in passing touchdowns. Those numbers sound good, but unfortunately for Bledsoe he was a turnover machine that couldn't run to save his life. The final analysis is that Bledsoe was a below average quarterback for most of his career.

The most interesting part of the discussion about Bledsoe was that he was compared to QB Brett Favre. Only six quarterbacks played in games during 1994 and 2006 and here is how they stack up against each other.

Favre's QB Score blows the other five away, which isn't a big surprise since QB Score is based on accumulated completions, yards, etc. and nobody beats Favre for most appearances over a 12 year span. Only ex-Packer QB Mark Brunell is better per play than Favre, although Favre is an above average QB for the entire 12 year span.  It's interesting that Favre managed to play so well over such a long span of time while having the same faults as Bledsoe, turnover machine and no running ability. However Favre has excellent pocket awareness and a quick release that has limited his number of sacks, especially later in his career. Favre's inability to run didn't lead to more sacks, while Bledsoe couldn't help but get sacked.

Unfortunately selecting a specific range of seasons (1994 to 2006) limits the comparison. When comparing Favre to the recent Hall of Fame QBs, he comes in at the bottom and only beats out QB Troy Aikman in QB Score per game. Favre will never come out as the best when compared to the great ones in his generation, his Hall of Fame resume is built on his three MVP seasons and his one-of-a-kind durability. His ability to play every Sunday has been the rock the franchise has been built around for the last twelve seasons. How many teams have had their seasons lost because their starting QB has gotten hurt? He's not the perfect QB, but he has been a great one and the best part is that he is coming back for another season.