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Koren Robinson

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Since it is a slow news time in the NFL, WR Koren Robinson's updated legal status is newsworthy. There is a story about it on every Packer website I read.

GM Ted Thompson obviously believes in the guy because he drafted him in Seattle and signed him after his high speed chase through Minnesota. But does the guy really have anything that the Packers need? If WRs Donald Driver and Greg Jennings are the top 2 receivers, then the Packers are only going to carry three more receivers at the most. WR Ruvell Martin will probably make the team in some capacity and maybe WR Randy (shudder...) Moss might come over in a trade or another receiver is drafted, possibly Ohio State WR Ted Ginn in the 1st round. That would leave Robinson battling it out against WR Robert Ferguson, assuming they beat out the other receivers on the roster like Shaun Bodiford, Carlton Brewster, Carlyle Holliday, and Chris Francies.

Robinson had a great 2002 season in Seattle, but he has been in decline ever since. He's only 27 years old and made the Pro Bowl as a special team player after the 2005 season, so his career is not over yet. His best chance at making the roster is if the Packers don't select Marshawn Lynch and last season's leading kick returner, RB Vernand Morency, is pulled from kick return duties because he's become the starting running back.

It would be really interesting if it came down to Robinson vs. Ferguson, two physically similar receivers who never lived up to their high draft status. It would probably come down to whoever is healthy and it might not be decided until the last preseason game.