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Go Read Someone Else's Website!

Patty put a lot of thought and research into this post at I'm not going to lift any of it. Just follow the link I posted above.

I wouldn't be disappointed with USC's WR Dwayne Jarrett or Syracuse FS Tanard Jackson. Trading DE KGB and a 6th round pick for a 4th round pick and an unknown safety would get a lot of attention on draft day. I'm not sure I would advocate the trade as Patty describes it because no defensive lineman is drafted to replace/compete for KGB's spot. It leaves the defensive line thin after the top 4.

Normally I like drafting for the future, the future being the 2008 season, but drafting Notre Dame OL Ryan Harris doesn't seem necessary. The future left tackle might be LG Daryn Colledge and then G Tony Moll could take over for Colledge. If LT Chad Clifton or RT Mark Tauscher had really declined last season or appeared to be playing their last season, only then would I agree with selecting Harris.

Selecting Delaware TE Ben Patrick in the 3rd round is fine, but he better be the guy. There are a number of tight ends available in the middle rounds and the Packers need to select a good pass catching TE who can provide some help right now.

I don't think Louisville RB Michael Bush will stay on the board until the 4th round. He went in our SB Nation mock draft in the 2nd round. Some team will take a chance on him by the end of the 3rd round.

I don't think it is a perfect mock draft, but I loved reading it and thinking about it. Who knows what GM Ted Thompson will really do?