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SB Nation Mock Draft - Round 3

With the 78th selection overall, the Green Bay Packers select Nebraska DE Jay Moore. I tried to trade down and out of the 3rd round because I'm thinking GM Ted Thompson might prefer adding some additional selections in the 4th and 5th rounds, but I couldn't find any takers in our SB Nation mock draft. The Packers could go tight end in this spot and reportedly are interested in Rutgers TE Clark Harris, but I think they will wait until the 4th round to add a tight end due to all the quality mid-round pass catching tight ends that are available this year.

The great late season play of DE Cullen Jenkins (3.5 sacks in the last 4 games) and DT Corey Williams (2 sacks in the last 4 games) took away some of the urgency on the defensive line that existed at the beginning of the season. DE Aaron Kampman had a monster season from week 1 to week 17 while DT Ryan Pickett was solid all season long. However, DE KGB showed decline for the 2nd straight season and finished with his lowest season sack total as a starter. Plus teams were able to run at will for most of the season to the weak side (KGB's side) until Williams and Jenkins stepped into the starting lineup on the weak side and provided some solid run support. It wasn't all KGB's fault, LB A.J. Hawk was still learning to play weak side linebacker and DT Colin Cole started many games alongside KGB while providing little support. Kampman, Pickett, Williams, and Jenkins are a solid starting four, but there is little depth (except the declining KGB) behind them. With Moore on the roster, he could either backup Jenkins at end on rushing downs, replacing the disappointing DE Mike Montgomery, or win the starting job, moving Jenkins back to DT full time and allowing Williams to rotate in as the full time backup at both tackle spots. If KGB remains with the team in 2007, it is likely as a 3rd down pass rusher only.

Moore finished last season very strong with a monster 3 sack, 2 forced fumble performance in the Senior Bowl. His 2006 season numbers, 14 games, 45 tackles, 17 tackles for a loss, and 6 sacks are very similar numbers to probable 1st round selection and Nebraska teammate DE Adam Carriker. However, Carriker is a 1st round selection while Moore is a 3rd round selection because Carriker was Big 12 Defensive Lineman of the Year, probably drawing double teams all season long, and letting Moore work one-on-one.

Here is John Murphy's take on Moore from Yahoo!:

"Terrific up-field pass rusher who recorded four sacks at the Senior Bowl to punctuate a fine senior season. Moore moves well for his size and ran in the 4.75 range at his pro day. Pass rushers will go fast in this draft, so look for him to come off the board between picks 25 and 40."
He is a pass rushing, 280 lb. defensive end, and it seems very unlikely that he will last until the 78th selection overall. This is a value pick that could happen, or maybe Washington State WR Jason Hill slips down to the 78th pick.

However, on draft day I expect that neither Moore or Hill actually make it undrafted until pick number 78 and the Packers trade down at this spot.