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Another Mock Draft

Here is a very good seven round mock draft from in regards to the Packers selections. In the SB Nation mock draft, I selected CB/S in the 2nd round while GMjr selected a WR. My personal preference is that the Packers avoid WRs in the 2nd round because WR Greg Jennings is the best one they have drafted in recent years, while other 2nd round WRs like Terrence Murphy and Derrick Mayes didn't work out and it would be a miracle if Robert Ferguson works out by this point. However the Packers have done well drafting CBs and S in the 2nd round such as Nick Collins, Darren Sharper, Leroy Butler, and even traded a 2nd round pick for Al Harris. Obviously that is more superstition than evaluation.

1st Round California RB Marshawn Lynch. An obvious pick and I made the same selection.

2nd Round Ohio State WR Anthony Gonzalez.  They need depth at receiver, but I didn't watch enough Ohio State games to really have an opinion about Gonzalez.

3rd Round Delaware TE Ben Patrick. I passed on Patrick in the SB Nation mock draft, but if he is the man GM Ted Thompson wants, then this is the spot to select him. There will still be a quality receiving tight end prospect or two available in the 4th round so that is why I personally chose defensive line at this spot over tight end.

4th Round Kent State CB Usama Young. They need depth in the secondary too, but this is a deep draft and they can wait until the 4th round to grab someone like Young.

5th Round Purdue OT Mike Otto. The guy must be doing something right if he started a Purdue record 50 games. The Packers selected LG Daryn Colledge in part because he basically started from the moment he began playing at Boise State.

6th Round Arizona S Michael Johnson. More depth for the secondary. He sounds like S Marquand Manuel with some speed. If game film showed that he can be effective in coverage against receivers in the Pac 10, then he's got a chance to make it in the NFL.

7th Round Florida LB Brian Crum. Just taking a flyer on someone who was highly touted recruit but didn't produce in college. If he can show signs of becoming a special teams ace, then he has a chance to stick in the NFL.

7th Round Virginia FB Jason Snelling. They need to draft a fullback at some point to give FB Brandon Miree some competition. Snelling isn't a dominant lead blocker, but he showed good receiving skills at Virginia. He might be a good fit and could help me forget that they missed out on free agent FB Justin Griffin.

7th Round Texas College RB Ramonce Taylor. He's got talent, but a marijuana bust booted him out of the University of Texas. It's only a compensatory 7th round selection, but I don't think Thompson wants anything to do with any potential character problems from his selections.