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Meet James Jones

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Near the end of a big run on wide receivers in the 3rd round, seven taken out of eight picks, the Packers selected San Jose State WR James Jones.

GM Ted Thompson is doing two things very well this draft; reaching for players everyone expected to go later in the draft and selecting guys that received barely a mention (if even that) in rumors. NFL Draft Scout considered Jones a 4th to 7th round talent.

There were two things accomplished by selecting Jones. First he adds depth to a position where the Packers didn't need a starter, but did need to add depth. Second he uses the draft pick that was often mentioned in rumors as the pick the Packers would trade to Oakland for WR Randy Moss. With Jones on the roster, it seems unlikely that Moss will be involved in any trade regarding the Packers this year.

Here's the bottom line on Jones from Frank Coyle:

Major college sleeper and one of the most underrated playmakers in this class. He has size, speed and athletic ability and will be a good second day pick if he improves his overall game and key areas. He is a boom-or-bust prospect.

Here's what NFL Draft Scout says:

What Jones might lack in downfield speed, he makes up for with precision in his route-running and overall strength.

Hopefully Jones is the guy Thompson wanted all along and not someone he settled for after his man was grabbed in the earlier run on wide receivers. The players start looking less and less like sure things after the early second round, but Jones has the potential to become a good receiver. Unfortunately he will make the jump to the NFL from small San Jose State and he scored a dismal 9 on the Wonderlic so he will be a project. He probably won't be available to help the Packers until 2008.