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Utah's Eric Weddle

After nine votes, Utah S Eric Weddle was tied for the lead with three votes as the player the Packers should draft in the 2nd round. Although it was surprising to see that people were familiar with Weddle, I didn't know who he was until last week, the guy drafting for New England in our mock draft thinks Weddle will be taken in the 1st round.

It seems unlikely Weddle will go in the first round, but if New England does have their eyes on him then they have to draft him high. After they pick with the 24th and 28th overall selections, they don't draft again until the 3rd round. Their 2nd round pick was sent to Miami for WR Wes Welker. If Weddle is drafted in the 1st round, then there could be as many as five 1st round safeties.

With New England's franchise CB Asante Samuel very unhappy, two 1st round picks but no 2nd round picks in hand, and a serious lack of depth at linebacker and in the secondary, it seems likely they will be wheeling and dealing on draft day.