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Rookie Free Agents

The Packers signed a few rookie free agents after the draft. The Packers haven't historically found too many hidden gems in the rookie free agent pool, but I think DE Cullen Jenkins was one of them.

QB Jerry Babb was way off the draft radar, but was signed primarily to throw the ball a lot during practice so QB Brett Favre doesn't have to. Would it have killed them to have signed Wisconsin QB John Stocco and give us something to speculate about?

OT Pat Murray was even farther off the radar than Babb, but he started a lot at Truman State.

Add LB Rory Johnson to the list of players who should not have passed up their senior season in college. He was very productive during his only season in the SEC, but he probably didn't get drafted because he's considered short at 6'0" and slow with a 40 time of 4.59. The Packers are deep at linebacker so he will be hard pressed to make the roster.

The run on SEC linebackers continued with LB Juwan Simpson. He's faster and taller than Johnson, but at 225 lbs. he is small for a NFL linebacker. He might have been drafted if he hadn't gotten busted for possession.

DE Larry Birdine might have gotten drafted if he wasn't coming off a 2006 injury following a lost 2005 season. I didn't find out what injury he had in 2006 so I have no idea whether he can take a roster spot from someone line DE Mike Montgomery.

It's surprising that DT Daniel Muir wasn't drafted. It sounds like he had a great showing at the combine after a solid senior season, but he might be too small, between 285 to 300 lbs., for an NFL defensive tackle and too big for a defensive end. I'll assume his position will be tackle. With 1st round pick DT Justin Harrell on the team there is less room for a guy like Muir, but he might take the spot of DT Johnny Jolly or Colin Cole.

FB Ryan Powdrell is another former linebacker the Packers want to play fullback, although he changed positions before his final season at USC. He's coming off a dislocated and broken ankle, but the fullback position is so wide open that he's got a shot.