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Just Trade Me

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It looks like QB Brett Favre was really pissed off when the Packers didn't trade for WR Randy Moss and then he demanded a trade after the draft. According to Jay Glazer at FOX Sports, what happened was that Favre didn't answer his phone for a week so he could calm down and he then straightened it all out Mike McCarthy. The trade request would probably have never gotten out except Favre was very honest with Al Jones, a reporter at the Biloxi Sun Herald.

GM Ted Thompson had to make a response but then he comes out with this garbage. He can't talk about Moss specifically because he is a player on another team. Also, he understandably doesn't want to discuss anything said in confidence between him and Favre. But he says nothing about the key statement made by Favre that "there are times when I wonder if I'm the odd man out here and they just don't know how to tell me." Instead Thompson says he's optimistic, excited, and "we've had a great offseason program." As if all the team needed was a better workout program. This wasn't a response and he avoided the questions.

I still think Thompson wants Favre retired so he build a team with his guys. Jason Cole is the only other writer online that I've read  who acknowledges that Thompson might want Favre gone. Tom Silverstein suggested that Favre's comments are directed at his teammates and suggest that Favre  "doesn't think the current players are good enough" but I think Silverstein is way off and it's clear that Favre is angry at Thompson and not at his teammates. Someone would lose their job if Moss was on the Packers roster, but Favre is obviously not upset at who is on the roster and is upset that the Packers missed out at acquiring a formerly elite wide receiver.

Tom Silverstein goes into some of the nuts and bolts about how the Packers could trade Favre, but I didn't even read that part of his article. I don't care about it. Favre will never win another MVP award, but the team is better with him in 2007 than without him. Favre should stay with the Packers and Thompson still has some questions to answer.