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Taking One For The Team

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Now QB Brett Favre will attend minicamp next weekend. Good thing that crisis is over.

"Brett's going to camp because it's the right thing to do . . . he's going up there for his teammates, to check out some of the new guys and he expects to do everything everybody else does," Cook told ESPN's Chris Mortensen.
Meet the new guys, keep his surgically repaired ankle elevated, and exchange uncomfortable silent moments with GM Ted Thompson. Sounds like a fun weekend. Did the team gain anything by holding their ground and requiring Favre to attend a mandatory minicamp? Sure they showed that all players are treated equal, but did any player on the team not realize there is a difference between them and Favre?

Most of Lori Nickel's article is about the signing of rookie free agent QB Paul Thompson from Oklahoma. She doesn't mention unimpressive rookie free agent QB Jerry Babb when she says that only third string QB Ingle Martin is healthy enough to participate in minicamp. Maybe it means Babb is already out the door. Thompson did a great job as a senior at Oklahoma, stepping into the starting QB job after already being converted to WR. He should have played his senior season at WR except starting QB Rhett Bomar got himself kicked off the team. Thompson sounds like a major longshot to stick with the team, but he might show enough in minicamp and training camp to land a job on the practice squad or in NFL Europa.