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GM Ted Thompson's Bad Offseason

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First he doesn't sign any notable free agents and loses RB Ahman Green who he had clearly wanted to resign. Then he gets booed when the DT Justin Harrell pick is announced. Then he loses WR Randy Moss to New England which makes QB Brett Favre want to retire. Now his rookie RB Brandon Jackson has to skip this weekend's minicamp due to NFL rules and it turns out that Thompson could have avoided it, but screwed up:

A league source tells us that the Green Bay Packers could have moved the dates of this weekend's mandatory minicamp after it became clear that there was a conflict this weekend with the 2007 Rookie Premier Photo Shoot -- and that the L.A. event for 35 hand-picked incoming players is a rock and the minicamp is scissors.
The real sad part is that even Detroit GM Matt Millen knew how to avoid this problem:
The Lions, for example, convened on Tuesday through Thursday, even though (as we understand it) they were initially slated to have a full-squad camp over the weekend. As a result, the Lions were able to have access to receiver Calvin Johnson.
Low times indeed.