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DeVon Hicks

DE DeVon Hicks is an interesting rookie free agent that the Packers signed after the draft. He's been described as an outside linebacker for a 3-4 defense but appears to have added weight to play defensive end. He is making the giant leap from junior college to the NFL, but is coming onto the team at a position without a lot of depth. Hicks recorded 10 sacks during his last season in junior college and could fill a need as a pass rushing defensive end. DE Cullen Jenkins played a lot of defensive end down the stretch last season, but he will probably inside on passing downs. DE Aaron Kampman is one of the best in the NFL, but DE Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila has lost a lot over the past two seasons. Behind them is only DE Mike Montgomery who showed some promise as a rookie in 2005, but was not a factor in 2006. Hicks might find a spot on the roster as a backup defensive end in place of Montgomery.

At least one person thought Hicks was the best player at Saturday's minicamp practice.

I was contacted by Hicks' agent, Arlo Henderson, who offered to provide some additional information about his client.

DeVon Hicks is a phenomenal athlete that has overcome a lot of personal tragedy to earn this opportunity.  He is an excellent athlete who competed at football and basketball in high school.  He was injured during his pro days so the times that you see are in no way representative of his ability.  I trust that you know that the Packers would not bring in a Junior College kid unless he was exceptional.  He has run 4.5 forty times at 280.  He hit his head on the rim in a high school basketball game.  He is an explosive kid that will only get stronger as his groin heals.  When he hits the field in July everyone will get to the violence that he brings to every play.  DeVon was a steal!  The best part about this kid is that he is humble but confident.  He is a great person.  He has a big heart and does not take anything for granted.  I personally have a special love for this kid because he is so honest and true.  He and I have a great relationship and I admire his resolve.

There are two people that deserve a lot of credit for making this happen. Alonzo Highsmith for his scouting and information gathering.  Randy Pippin his college coach that helped him develop as a person and a player.  DeVon stayed with him during training.  Coach Pippin would be a great scout for an NFL team.

Hicks might be a player to watch this year in training camp and during the preseason games.