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Bob Harlan Watch

There usually isn't much need to focus on the team's executives because in the short run they have no effect on the team. Bob Harlan has been running the Packers for the past 18 seasons and I've never read anything bad of him. He has had little to do with the team on the field, but he has had a huge impact on them nonetheless. He hired GM Ron Wolf and then did a great job of leaving Wolf alone. He coordinated the multiple expansions and renovations of Lambeau Field over the last fifteen years which has given the team a solid financial footing going forward. He did decide to take away the GM position from Mike Sherman and hire GM Ted Thompson, but it isn't clear yet whether that has been an improvement.

There have been some news reports wishing Harlan well as he sets off into retirement. So it was odd to read that Harlan will actually be staying on after all. Shortly after it was announced that John Jones would succeed Harlan as team President last May, he underwent heart surgery. Maybe the recovery hasn't gone as well as everyone would have hoped and that is why Jones said there was a need to "recharge my batteries." However Peter Platten spoke for the Executive Committee and said there is a continuing evaluation of the situation. What situation?

There may be nothing to this and it is unlikely that either Harlan or Jones will have any effect on the 2007 team, but this will be something watch going forward to see who is running the Packers.