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Go John Go!

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I'm a total homer, but I would love to see QB John Stocco sign a free agent contract after the Packers rookie orientation camp this weekend. There is no chance that Stocco will be a quality NFL QB, but all he has to do this weekend is beat out QB Jerry Babb. It can't hurt that he threw passes to Arizona WR Larry Fitzgerald in high school.

It would be a shock if they really did offer him a free agent contract after this weekend. Still it wouldn't hurt the team to keep him as the practice squad QB for 2007. He might even be better than 3rd string QB Ingle Martin who looked bad during his only preseason action last season.

This actually isn't an area of the team that I have discussed at all, but after watching QB Aaron Rodgers get injured almost immediately after he stepped onto the field against New England, would it have killed them to found a better number three QB than Martin? They could grab someone like QB Tim Rattay in free agency or they could have grabbed someone like Tyler Palko, Zac Taylor, or Jared Zabransky in the 7th round.

At this point the Packers are probably stuck with Martin at number 3. Hopefully he shows something this preseason and it wouldn't be a disaster if he has to make an emergency appearance in 2007.