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One Year Later

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It is going to take one year to anoint a new team President? How hard is it to find someone who knows the right people and spent some time at an Ivy League school? Proficiency in attending office meetings and kissing ass is desirable. Apparently John Jones wasn't too good at the latter:

A source from the National Football League told the Journal Sentinel that Packers employees had told Harlan they had concerns about Jones' ability to manage the franchise.
Someone's fur was rubbed the wrong way.

Although this subject is as exciting as a press conference, it holds a strange fascination for me. It would be great if Jones really was a jerk who the organization pushed out to maintain the integrity of the Packers, but he probably lost some power struggle. He may have been a jerk, but it is just as likely that he was a good guy who is the scapegoat for something or other. Too bad the real story will ever make it out and we will probably never find out the size of his golden parachute.