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Let Eli Manning Throw Him The Damn Ball

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The Packers missed out on WR Randy Moss when New England traded for him, but now another veteran wide receiver has entered into the picture.

In the end it was better that the Packers didn't trade for Moss. Having Moss on the team would be a distraction, but it would hardly matter if his production on the field was outstanding. Although his situation in Oakland was awful, he has declined in each of the last three seasons. The quarterback and run offense was just as bad in Tampa last season as it was in Oakland and WR Joey Galloway had just as bad a catch percentage as Moss (43% compared to 44%), but  Galloway still had a better 2006 than Moss. Both receivers were average in 2006, but the point is that Moss didn't show some glimpse of otherworldly talent buried on a bad team. However the danger remains that Moss will be his 1998-2003 self once he is out of Oakland, but there is no guarantee he wouldn't tank on the Packers if they started off slow in 2007 either.

Back to WR Meshawn Johnson. The really strange thing is that Carolina just paid Johnson's $3 million roster bonus in April. Something could have turned ugly quickly with Johnson in Carolina, but it seems more likely that Carolina just didn't expect WR Dwayne Jarrett would still be available at their pick in the 2nd round.

Tom Silverstein writes:

Johnson played hard for the Panthers, has never been a speed burner so there's no concern he's going to lose it all at once and continues to be productive.
It's good to know that he won't lose the ability that made him the 60th best WR in 2006 according to DVOA. Even if the 34 year old Johnson is able to maintain his current level of play for the next couple of seasons, the Packers don't need that mediocre level of performance if it comes at the price of delaying WRs Greg Jennings or Ruvell Martin's development.

In the end, unless the Packers offered Johnson an outstanding contract that no other team was willing to match, which doesn't seem likely from GM Ted Thompson this offseason, Johnson will probably want to sign with another team. Silverstein says "Seattle, the New York Giants, San Francisco, Tennessee and the New York Jets" are the other teams interested, while Johnson says he would "like to go somewhere and help someone win another Super Bowl." That probably means he would prefer either team in New York or Seattle, since all those teams made the playoffs last season. I'm guessing he ends up with the New York Giants.