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What An Idiot

When the Packers released CB Ahmad Carroll, I thought it was a stupid thing to do. He was playing awful at the time, but why not bench him instead of releasing him? He's still only 23 years old, still was the fastest guy on the team, and could easily mature into an adult in a couple of years. At the time of his release, the Packers special teams were terrible on kick coverage, so why not bench him on defense and let him redeem himself on special teams? It seemed like a low cost/high reward move to keep him on the bench and special teams instead of just letting him go.

The one thing I didn't consider in the entire picture was that Carroll is an idiot. I knew about his history of getting into fights with various teammates and his previous brush with the law. It seemed like each one of those events could be brushed off as youthful aggression but then he gets busted with guns and drugs and all together it paints the picture of a guy with problems. He isn't the type of player you want on your team no matter how much talent he might possess.